Few Beats was wondering if you guys could give feedback for, all returned


I like the beat because it has a lot of potential but the drums kinda let it down. I'd really just revamp them. Maybe go with more percussion than the usual kick and snare. Piano is nice though. Guitar I like too.


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Nice beats I liked the first better. The piano was def the highlight but the drums dint follow up of the mood of the beat. I agree with above about revamping the drums. good job


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first beat is nice i like that piano has a epic feel to it ..the drums are to weak for this IMO this needs some hard hits in it
overall good beat was this sampled or you played the keys?


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Don't leave now is really nice. There's a lot of emotion in the piano and I enjoy the percussive elements as well.
Grind Time is really cool but I wish there was more layering on the snare hits on 2 and 4 to really bring the steady rhythm home.


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the first beats nice, carries a chilling vibe to it! the piano is a littttle loud in the background could be quieter to fit with the other sounds


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listened to the second beat... that shit knocks.... the snare rolls are dirty too help to build the beat up... i like it alot


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Yo that second one Grind Time is pretty hard, especially when those synths kinda creep in at about 1:20 or so, they got that growl to them! But even so I'm feelin the first one more... love the guitars and that piano riff through out it kills! Nice work man... I'mma have to bump these on the big speakers later...yep


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(DON'T LEAVE ME NOW) sounds like a track that would fit well in a movie trailer. I would try layering in different percussive hits over the pattern you already have as the beat progresses to give it more of a build. Also add a break every few bars to give some breathing room to the track (and the rapper).

(GRIND TIME) i think this could be a smash! i just felt like the whole beat was the intro. All you need to do is make what you have the first couple bars and then add a quick pause. Then switch up your drum pattern a little bit for the verse section. Instead of starting the pattern on a snare, i would try to use kicks so make this bang. I really think this one could be a hit though. Nice work.