Few Beats was wondering if you guys could give feedback for, all returned


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Hey guys i been working on a few beats lately and these two are my favourites i made, was just wondering if i couold get a bit of feedback on them, im in the process of having hooks wrote for them both, and may look at getting a few MC's on to them

1 - SoundClick artist: drage21 - page with MP3 music downloads
i personally like the piano and the guitar especially the when the guitar has a bit of a vybe out at about 3min 4seconds in this track and feel its a bit of an emotional vibe to it, the intro is slightly long about 25seconds, but had the vision some one would be speaking over the top telling the struggle etc, but of course i would like it as i created it,

2 - SoundClick artist: drage21 - page with MP3 music downloads
This beat to me is meant as more of a battle beat, a bit harder, and a bit more raw, the idea behind this is that when i make the mixetape this would be used for several artists on one track just going h.a.m and merking the track, think the horns are slightly too loud,
but may change the purpose of the track and use this for that concept SoundClick artist: drage21 - page with MP3 music downloads as think this would be better and its called never gonna lose this so would be how all the artists have struggled maybe to make it and how they are going to maintain there place at the top

anyway thanks for your time please let me know what you think and of course please rate my songs while you listen to them the player

many thanks

Drage Two One


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Yo! I can see a lot of creativity and potential here. Keep it up and things will keep getting sicker as they come.


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I can't hear your beats because there are errors with loading in your page.. do it something with it :)


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just clicked all working fine, just refresh them mate, or if not go through my home page on soundclick and play them



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couldnt play the first one but the second I could. Its and interesting concept. however it sounds like the the sounds are competing for speaker space. at time the kick and the synths overload each other to the point the beat almost stop. and the piano is super peaking. some good mixing would fix that tho no doubt. keep grinding bro


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thanks for the feedback will have to have a tweak later on, dunno why that first one didnt play, try refreshing, it been playing up a bit dunno why, but thanks appreciated it


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first beat: i like the vibe you were going for, I think it would sound a lot better with some harder hitting drums though, try equing them to get some punch out of 'em. Also, if you panned the instruments / drums more it will make for a way fuller mix.

second beat:
loved the piano in this one... mad hard. but once again, the beat can make or break the beat and this is your problem here. mixing comes with practice though. definitely eq those snares so they can bang... And pan!! it allows for everything to have it's own space and as mentioned above a way fuller mix! (cleaner, too).

good shit though!


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I really like both them bro but especially the second one, I really like the concept behind it and how raw it is, the only thing thats missing is a good mix, I think you should really focus on both panning and eq to give everything its own space and that will dramatically increase the quality of your mix

Note: Make sure on you Master track you increase the stereo spread, this way your track becomes bigger and you have more room for your instruments before you even pan, this has greatly improved my mixes


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I only listened to the first joint I like the melodies but I dont like the lead melody sound the keys it needs a different sound. Or id put like a drake filter on it if you were gonna use it. Drums are dope not feeling that marracca or w.e. sound that is. keep working hard
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I like both of the beats, only thing you need work on is mixing. :) Then the songs will clear up a bit...


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i like the first beat better than the second... i would suggest experimenting with different drum kits because the ones you used don't seem to mesh right to me....other than that, the melody is dope


u shouldnt let the vocal tag take out the beat so much. i like the beat on the first one, but mix needs some touching up, everything sounds a bit distorted. some sounds were peaking pass their limits. anyways, vibe is great, just needs a better mix