FEEDBACK RETURNED. That should be enough to get you in this thread...


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Wedges, I really like your creativity with beats, man! Your melodies are really nice! Your songs are mixed beautifully as well. Great work on your stuff, man! You have a new fan!

I listened to your first few beats 1 word DOPE. U got some nice concepts, drum pattern soundin good loving the sounds good job ;-)



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Yo so I just listened to the first 8 beats on your page, yo this is some of the best shit I've heard in a minute! For real I'm impressed, that LEGOOO and Screams in the BackGround are my favorites, I think the mix is on point but what really caught me was your drums.... Drums can be tricky at time but your choice of drums is right on the money... like the FX on them too, not too much reverb, just enough and mixed clean so they really hit... dope man!


^^^Thank you man. I always appreciate some nice words.

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Checkin out L.A.

I like the sample, but the drums are kinda wack. Those hi hats could be more realistic and "groovy" lol. You ever try EZDrummer? I don't really like the rimshot either, maybe on a break down but it makes it kinda boring. Seriously though, check out that plug. It's great.

Hit me back.


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thanks for the feedback...

the pianos are dope...i like the mix between them, the synth and choirs.........the drums are bonkers...they sound great i think...tight beat bro...keep it up!

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Your drums are killer!!!! I love the beats man, i would say expand a bit more on your sound and taking never know what you could come up with, but the drums on your beats are perfect for allowing an emcee to steer a story or concept, your def in the right direction..keep up the good work


Waddup bruh. Beat sounds hella inspirational. Reminds me of some Wale Meetin Type of stuff, I think you could have threw a catchier lead guitar on the hook or somethin similar to that, mix sounds good, I personally would have made that snare pop alot more, but thats just me. Piano is nice, that drum roll and drop is dope. Drums sound live which is great. Change ups are nice. Only thing I really have to say is put a counter melody against that arp typa melody during the hook, something a little more melodic, that arp pattern gets a little repetitive. Besides that your good to go. Return The Feed -


Snares are too much in the background, and the levels ratio compared to the drums are too low. Maybe you placed too much reverb or the reverb decibel level is too high (not the wet/dry levels). Idk what you're using if you're able to adjust that feature, but atm it needs to come out more forward in the mix a bit more. The piano seems to be really quite in the beat, the other instruments are like dat random guy who likes to stand infront of ppl when they taking pics and block the person's face. Overall i think this beat is dope, but maybe could use some slight compression and run an exciter on the upper levels of the piano, so the arp style part of it is more distinct. Thats just my two cents from listening once, would have to play around with it some more.



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i think the sounds all came in and sounded bunched at the beginning. i wudda liked to hear it escalate to that point. the drums are dope tho.

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I like the beats alot. I don't have an issue with the mix either. Sounds good playin thru my monitors. I like that you have ur own style instead of just following Soundclick trends


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ok we are using some PANNING TECHNIQUES , nice drums, admit that we have a bit of an 80s vibe with some of those toms but I LIKE THIS!!! nice to have the drums in some more lively patterns than the usually, nice HARMONIES that aren't adventurous but NICE AND STURY. Really like the ride cymbal. FOR ME PERSONALLY I guess I quite like the drums in this, but not SO MUCH the choir panning thing. BUT , just know I LUV WHAT YOU ARE DOING.


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I listen to first three and I really like your stuff... It's Sounds clean, nice mixes as well... Great Job!!!!