Extra Deluxe announces the launch of their 61 key midi controller


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Now available at extradeluxemfg.com

“Something about a good looking chair makes me wanna sit in it. Something about a good looking car makes me want to drive it. Something about a good looking piece of gear makes me want to use it.” - Matt Johnson, Musician / Co-Founder

There’s this thing about gear made for creating computer-based music. So much of it is made from plastic materials, it seems disposable, controllers can feel outdated after a few years and there’s no pride in owning or playing. Extra Deluxe recognized a need for a midi keyboard with streamlined functionality, timeless design and feel-good play. Inspiration to build this kind of gear came from co-founder Matt Johnson (Matt and Kim) who says, “While I've gone through half a dozen midi controllers over the last 10 years, I still play the same guitar and bass I was playing in my teens. Something about their classic designs, made from wood and metal, have a simplicity that make them live forever.“

Extra Deluxe set out to make a midi keyboard like that. Like B.B. King's "Lucille", Extra Deluxe wanted to design THE go-to controller for studio and stage, a timeless favorite that satisfies form, function and feel. Thus they created “The Sixty-One”. Made from steel and walnut, it is built to last. It has an ultra smooth semi-weighted pro-grade keybed with polyphonic aftertouch, big vintage synth style knobs and a latching octave knob.

Prior to its production and distribution, a small batch of Extra Deluxe 61 key midi controllers were made and put to the test. For two years, they were used by studio vets and hard-touring bands including Matt and Kim, Young The Giant and 5 Seconds Of Summer. It was test-driven and perfected. Now, Extra Deluxe is proud to launch its premiere piece, the gorgeous stage and studio ready “The Sixty-One”.


“These keyboards are super durable, well made, minimalist, and the keys feel great. It’s really helpful to have quality midi controllers onstage that look rad, too.” - Eric Cannata, Musician - Young the Giant

“These days most of the keyboard rigs we design are software / sample based midi instruments. Yet so often we perform them on chintzy plastic controllers that inspire a similar level of stoke to dating a blow up doll. And then, there’s Extra Deluxe. Versatile midi controllers that exude all the charisma and warmth as a classic piece of vintage analog. These boards have just the right amount of knobs for modern keyboard programming and are built so tough you can hammer nails with em. It’s 2020 baby. Play Ableton on something you can take some pride in.” - Ian Longwell, Music Director and owner of Space Bar Society

¥ Ultra smooth semi-weighted pro-grade keybed with polyphonic aftertouch
¥ Steel and walnut construction
¥ Big vintage synth style knobs with latching octave knob
¥ USB and IEC Auto-Switching Power 100v-240v
¥ MIDI In & Out via MIDI Ports and/or USB
¥ Powered by USB or IEC

Website: extradeluxemfg.com
Instagram: ExtraDeluxeMFG


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