Erik Jäger - U&I (Synthwave, Retrowave)


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The track is arranged nicely - has distinct sections and in my opinion is really interesting, I would focus more on its mixing side - especially the volume and processing of individual sounds like clap (too dry) and main synth - sounds interesting but is too much pushed to the background to me. To make least time effort I would check compression with some presets just to see if it helps even a little.

If you'd like to check my tracks and let me know what do you think that'd be much appreciated. In such case please refer to my signature.


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Thx relly much for your reply. I'll start working on the next synthwave-track the next days and focus on that - i'm pretty sure it will help. PS: THIS is the perfect example for answers that really help me to get more into it because if i would only trust my own ears i would be lost completely. xDDD