Jack V

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I have a computer (may get Cubase but I have MAgix Music Maker at present and Making Waves) and a sampler (Korg ES-1).

Just wondering if you would reccommend building any other equipment up around this to make dance tunes (techno, tech-house, house, etc.) and what each bit of equipment would do.

Was thinking of a keyboard and a Novation Bass-station but not sure on the plus points and negative poinbts of eacvh and whether I need them at all. Oh yeah, also have the Propellerhead Re-birth demo which I was going to make sounds on and put them into my sampler.

Any ideas - thanks!


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Maybe interesting to know how i did it:

I have a computer with Logic Audio
Then i bought a secondhand Yamaha A5000 Sampler... a sampler is nice if you don't have a synth and/or drum machine, you can get samples from anywhere and any synth( and upload them in your sampler...

And most recently i bought an Access Virus... A virus is excellent in trance/goa stuff but you can get it to sound harder too... not as hard as a nord lead tho... :-) i got me the keyboard version but i used a secondhand evolution midi keyboard before that as input keyboard...

What i tend to do is use drum sample sets (tr909-808-x0x) on the sampler, optionally use also a bass sample, and do the rest on the virus... sounds cool :)