Enteogen - The next Iron Maiden?

Name: Enteogen
Music genre: We like to call it Melodic Metal. Usually we always have one or two guitar-melodies that comes around in the songs and just... yeah, plays some sort of melodies. We, at least I, are/am very influenced by Iron Maiden so it's that kind of melodies we're talking about here
The local newspaper called us "Epic Metal", but we prefer the name "Melodic Metal".

We have currently recorded three songs. The first we recorded was "In The Trenches". This song is about the first world war (d'uh!). The first verse is about its origins and after that its basically about how it was for the soldiers in the trenches.


Enteogen - Venom - YouTube - this is the music video for our next track "Venom". It's about the Marvel Character and Spider-Mans nemesis :)

https://soundcloud.com/enteogenband/stalingrad-live-1 - this is from a show almost a year ago. I'll just copy-paste from the SoundCloud-page here: "This song is about a German soldier who reflects on the battle of Stalingrad: lack of food, supplies and weapons, he just wanted it all to end. At the beginning of 1943 91.000 German-soldiers surrendered to the Russians: only 6.000 of them would return home."

The next track will soon be available.

Hope someone can take their time to listen to these neat songs :)

If you're interested, here's our Facebook-page https://www.facebook.com/enteogenband
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