Engadget: "iLoud brings extra features and much more sound."


IK Multimedia
Engadget: "iLoud brings extra features and much more sound."
[h=4]Andy Bowen's review of IK's new Bluetooth speaker[/h]

Here are quotes from Andy Bowen's review of IK Multimedia's iLoud on Engadget:

“Being the fan of IK Multimedia's Apple-centric iRig line that I am…I opted for the iLoud. As a portable Bluetooth speaker, the iLoud has served me well. I have no trouble pairing it with my MacBook Pro, iPhone 5 or HTC One. As far as build goes, the iLoud is wonderful on the road.”

“I can't crank the iLoud all the way up within the confines of my home without my ears feeling seriously uncomfortable. And there's surprisingly little distortion at such insane levels. The top end is crisp and tight (as is the nature of small speakers), and the bassy synth swells in Ellie Goulding's 'Hanging On' and 'Figure 8' are fantastically beefy. I've actually used the iLoud as an extra stage monitor during performances of my own by routing my personal mix to its 3.5mm input jack.”
“…for $300, the iLoud brings me extra features and much more sound than an equivalently priced Beats Pill XL.”

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