Embedding the SOUNDCLOUD player in your post/thread/signature

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Zukatoku - Mod Scientist
1) your url should be of the form

http://www.soundcloud.com/your-artist-name/your-track-title or similar (maybe no www, maybe https,some other variants which are less common, these will not cause errors)

2) wrap the [soundcloud][/soundcloud] tags around your link [soundcloud]http://www.soundcloud.com/your-artist-name/your-track-title[/soundcloud]

giving you

3) If you get the garbage version of the player

it most likely looks like this in the tagsets


You will need to edit the tags to remove a spurious [url][/url] tagset that has been inserted by the vBulletin incorrectly or deliberately (it depends on how you entered your link in the first place)

when editing in the wysiwyg editor, select the link and then click on the unlink icon in the toolbar (world with a red cross in the lower right corner) this will remove the tagset 4) if you can still not fi...then manually edit to remove the [PLAIN][url][/PLAIN] tags from within the soundcloud tags.

5) you can use the advanced editor to drop a soundcloud linked player into your post/signature - it is the orange cloud in the toolbar, making sure you avoid the problems that arise with a random or spurious [url][/url] tagset present
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