Effects for vocal and guitar


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Hi there!

I am mixing vocal and guitar. I used EQ and comp for guitar and EQ and reverb for vocal. Settings as well as dry and wet samples you could find in the attachments and by links. I had to reduce guitar lower than 1kHz by 10 dB and more. That looks strangely for me but otherwise there were too much "noise" in sound.

I would kindly appreciate if you tell me what could be improved.

Thanks in advance!

Vocal dry: https://soundcloud.com/noaccess-2%2Fvocal-dry Vocal wet: https://soundcloud.com/noaccess-2%2Fvocal-wet Guitar dry: https://soundcloud.com/noaccess-2%2Fguitar-dry Guitar wet: https://soundcloud.com/noaccess-2%2Fguitar-wet


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