E-MU Virtuoso 2000 review!


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Hmmm nice specs...I like the spdif output...it's funny no piano sounds in it ?
I've downloaded the Synfonietta sample...I didn't like it very much but I liked the percs sounds !
How much does it cost ?
The orchestral map pic will be very useful ! hehe

mano 1

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1000 USD I think

Download more samples (those I recorded, the two first ones).. The sound is really but really good. I usually use all those AKAI CDROMS with so called orchestras.. But The Virtuoso 2000 is definitly better sounding. With over 1000 sounds, some are good only for high notes, some are only good for low notes, etc.. It depends what you do, there is always a preset. Plus with all the filters you can attenuate and sculpt however you want.

I think the machine is really useful for all the rap hiphop composers who are always told "nice instru. .. but did you compose the strings?.. ahh its a sampled vinyl.. I see..." well with this stuff they can compose the melodies too :) anyway.. I think I am going to get one for me (the one I reviewed is returned to E-MU)