Dynarage tube compressor by devoloop


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In the very next hours beta testers that have enrolled our beta testing program, will see first beta of both DynaRage for iOS and DynaRage AU/VST (Mac / Win) on their computers and/or phones and tablets.

But we'd like to introduce ourselvers, first off.

We are devoloop, an audio software company based into developing DSP algorithms for professional sound engineers and musicians. We've started to develop some "plugins" (Rack Extensions) for Reason, so we moved to all the other platforms.

First product that we've ported from Rack Extension format to AU/VST and iOS platforms is DynaRage, our flagship Tube Compressor (https://shop.propellerheads.se/product/dynarage-tube-compressor), well acclaimed from propellerhead's users community.

If you'd like to become a beta tester, please hurry up! In the next hours we will start to send beta versions to our beta testers.

You can subscribe (and become member of) our beta tester newsletter compiling our form: Lista Contatti
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