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id like to know if there are any reggae dub artists out there in this year .. i listen to alot of roots and dub such as scientist, king tubby, hugh mundell, lacksley castell, echo minnot, sly and robbie, junior reid ,and i can go on ahahaha im just giving an idea if thered be any type of artist like that for this generation


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The Dub style has evolved into Dubstep; I don't know of any famous modern producers or groups working expressly in that style, other than the Dub All-Stars, and maybe you could count Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad...

Of course there are modern groups doing more traditional/roots reggae, many of them from Jamaica or Africa.

Your best bet to find new music is to look for unknowns by searching Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.



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Dubmatix, Prince Phatty, Mad Professor, Dub Syndicate etc.

Listen Jah Shaka Soundsystem Mixtapes.

Search for Wackies label.

Enjoy listening.


Shameless self promotion....but I produced this which is definitely a dub track:

Also, while they're not a dub group at all, you can tell that Submotion Orchestra are clearly influenced by dub with their use of Delays and Reverb, especially prevalent on the Finest Hour LP.


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It is my first post here so let me do a quick presentation. I am french (Paris) 29 year old and I make reggae/dub beats.

Maybe I can bring some original ideas of dub music from France to the original post :

-Panda dub
-High tone