Drum Pattern?


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Shft The Snare Ommie

Dance hall is real easy to write you just gotta **** the snare s ...a 1/8 note

Bass is Just 1 , nd 11
n'd the snare ... is on 6 , 14 .... instead of 5, nd 13 .... For sure

The important thing to realize about that is that it creates an anticipation for the snare .... traditional music wants you to here the snare on 5 n 13 .... but since it drops late you get like a DnB feel like high hop , THIS IS THE DANCE HALL FELL FOR ALL YOU SUCKAS WHO COULDN"T FIGURE IT OUT ... just kiidin... what you wanna do is not have it drop exactly on 2.048 you need to play around with that drop on like 2.055 or 2.040 to get different feels .... and stay of 2 n 4 with the drums or you kill the effect lest you know what your doin and it can sound real ILL

Also if you know how to program half time jungle n DnB .... use the 1/32 note snare breaks with claps n clicks or perc.... that makes for like proffesional sounding dance hall ....
If you haven't ever programed DnB 32 Snares which is like the hardest drums to do by ear (anybody can program hip hop drums but very few can program jungle breaks they usually just chop up others **** ZEN LIKE LIAR)z but er's one for free ...

You lucky son of a *****
for instance try this with 2 different pithed congas (lots of 1/32)
High Conga : 2.120 ,2.144, 3.168 ,
Low Conga : 1, 1.144, 2.96 , 4.120 ,4.144
Try that ****... with the dance hall beat above and you'll have an ill loop ....90bpm put resenaotrs n gates on the drums for a cool eF....
What that snare pattern is based on is that the snare spine is 5 n 13 ... so the 2nd snare or perc ... falls on 7,8,9,10, 11, n12 ... if you understand that you understand breaks .... but thats a whole nother post .... anyway peace out
I hope this helps you n other z program de ill li riddim ....
:bat: I like WEEDS ... thanks purple can she have another
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