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"Bringin' back boombap!"
For all you breakbeat beginners, here are two of the most easy-to-find LP's with (dope) breaks:

George McCrae - Rock Your Baby.jpeg
George McCrae - "Rock Your Baby" (T.K. Records / RCA Victor, 1974)

Breakbeat: B4. "I Get Lifted"

Led Zeppelin - IV - Untitled.jpeg
Led Zeppelin - "Untitled" aka "Led Zeppelin IV" (Atlantic, 1971)

Breakbeat: B4. "When the Levee Breaks"



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View attachment 43052Just grabbed this record so there might be some more breaks, but I found some nice ride cymbals and snare rolls on here on the 4th track. Pick this one up if you can, tons of usable samples on this one.


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And if ya'll just want to take the fun out of digging and finding new breaks check out Paul Nice - Drum Library. Nothing but dope breaks after breaks. I believe there's 11 volumes total.


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dope, but i feel like it takes the fun out of going to the record shop or flee market. most of these kids are just going to download it, which in turn wont give you that grit from the needle.


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All you can do is pass the knowledge. It's like the Force, they gotta choose how to use it. The rest of us will be collecting the records that they miss out on.

Coincidently, these drums are only available digitally to the best of my knowledge. No More Trouble - Jamaican Version. Right off the top.

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