Dreamers Suite & Digital Fiction - x2 Sound Sets for Absynth 5 - 35% Off


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Soundset: Dreamers Suite
Synth: Absynth 5
Presets: 50 Presets
Genres: Cinematic, Electronic, Ambient, Chill, Industrial
Get it at: https://sounds2inspire.com/dreamers-suite/
Intro Offer: 10€ - 35% Off, use "dreamer" code at checkout (Reg.16€)

Dreamers Suite features a curated selection of 50 melodies for Absynth 5. Focusing on dreamy and evolving soundscapes, digital keys and lush polyphonic leads. Dreamers Suite is aimed at sound designers, cinematic compositions, ambient music, electronica, and many other calmer electronic subgenres.


Soundset: Digital Fiction
Synth: Absynth 5
Presets: 115 Presets
Genres: Electronic, MultiGenre
Get it at: https://sounds2inspire.com/digital-fiction/
Intro Offer: 10€ - 35% Off, use "fiction" code at checkout (Reg.16€)[/SIZE]

Digital Fiction features 115 melodic presets for Absynth 5, diving deep into Absynth’s synthesis.[/SIZE]

A Tasteful sound set featuring a high variety of soundscapes, pads, beautiful keys and digital pianos, modern poly leads and stabs, melodic sequences, basslines and highly hypnotizing sounds.

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