Does anyone have an idea how to make sound like this but not sounding like trash?


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Hello! I am only playing with FLS sometimes, for years but not too often, so i don't know what ima doing mostly, BUT
I hear something i can't forget in one sound [here it is ofc ]
I desperately want to have something like this but with this one is also one problem, like i hear some part of it as SOMETHING but here is also something making it sound like a trash, some sort of snarl/growl (hopefully it's at least correct words) which makes it awful.
So: i need a help, do someone have any idea how to get something like this (if you hear what i hear, bc its hard to explain) but just sounding nicer? Without this growl(?) this is already have unforgetable (for me) melody in my mind but i have no ideaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(