Deleted MV8000 patches?



hey fp

i just got a used mv8000 ver 3.52 yesterday. It came without the sample disk but there were already some factory sounds on it. The person who owned the MV before me had a lot of different projects still saved on it.

My problem is that at first i could load up those patches and make sequences with them, but i deleted all of the projects that were already saved on the mv and now there seems to be no patches that i can pull up anymore. What happened? Did i do something that i wasnt supposed to? Will this have any negative effects on my MV? btw the mv is my first piece of gear so any advice on how to get the most out of it would be appreciated.

thanks in advance
Thanks. I know i may need to order a new disk to get the stock sounds, but does anyone know why what happened did happen
the patches u deleted were associated with the projects... thus delete the project, delete the patch associated with it