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sorry if this is a bad section for this i checked the forum and didn't find one better.

Hi I'm looking for a decent set of dj headphones to help with my production of music. my range is maybe 50-150$ really need a pair asap plz all input would be awesome!


Sennheiser HD25 II are pretty much the industry standard. Great dj headphones, lightweight, durable, high output. Just go get them.


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Sennheiser HD-25's are considered the standard by many... I've seen them being used by reporters, for live FOH and stuff too.

Currently I'm using a pair of Shure SRH-750's for DJing and AKG-K121's for music production/mixing.
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Those Audio Technica ATH M30s are discontinued. I tried to get another pair of them and every store says Audio Technica isn't supplying them anymore. Maybe it's just temporary, and they will again the future (hopefully). But for now, it doesn't look like that model is anywhere to be found. Sorry, ...the step up model Audio Technica ATH M30X model is probably good too, for $70. I may get those and update on how they are. anyway, this is an update on those ATH M30s I said in the second post.
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If you're still looking for a decent pair then try getting the Sony MDR7506 if you can because you can never go wrong with a proven and testified product, these cans have been recommended by a lot of music producers over the years. Also if you're looking for more options checkout the articles of Bill Wilson on Appuals [FONT=Verdana,Arial,Tahoma,Calibri,Geneva,sans-serif][/FONT] to get the vast idea. Good luck