DaSt - Progressive Instrumental Metal ... in FL Studio


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Hello guys,

I am 19 year old guy from Nova Paka, Czech Republic, currently living in Dublin, Ireland. I would like to show some of my music to you and I would appreciate any feedback given. I mostly produce metal (trying to make it sound progressive and complex) music, which is my favourite genre, but you can find two non-metal songs there as well.

I make the whole music in FL studio using various VST's (eg. RealLPC, Addictive Drums, Trilogy, GuitarRig 3).

If you would be so kind and write any comments, positive or negative, I would be really glad. :D

This first one is a second song of my new project called Aetheral.

Aetheral again, this time an opening song.

Non metal song this time, remake of my older song. :)

Some progressive stuff :)

Tried to inplement some choirs into this one.

Something, because I was out of ideas to name it. :D

One of my favourite ones. :)

That's all for this post. Thank you for taking your time and listening to it all. :) Hope you enjoyed it at least a bit! :)

Thank you very much again :)