Cult of Mac on iRing: "The potential here is stunning"


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Cult of Mac on iRing: "The potential here is stunning"

[h=4]"This is a truly innovative new product"[/h]

Cult of Mac is a daily news website that follows everything Apple. The staff is an international team of Apple experts that provide timely news, insightful analysis, helpful how-tos and honest reviews. Reviewer Rob LeFebvre got a chance to try out the iRing with companion apps Music Maker and FX/Controller. Here are a few of his initial impressions:

"Once I relaxed into it… the music started to flow and my hands began to dance; this is one cool iOS music-making peripheral."

"The iRing is made for making music, but the potential here is stunning: Imagine a video game controlled with your hands, a webpage that scrolls at a speed you define with your fingers, or an e-book that turns pages with a swipe through the air. This is a truly innovative new product."

"The iRings work flawlessly to control the sounds within Music Maker, opening up a whole new way of performing songs and making music with your iPad or iPhone."

"Building beats in real time and then switching things up with a twist of the iRing is just sublime when you hit it just right."

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