Critics on my lyrics


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I recently made a collab with a super sweet girl and I want you guys to comment on the lyrics. Here it is! Thank you <3

I already know heaven's silhouette/
But this heaven got me heartbreakedinstead/
In my nebulosa I lost you/
You were born and dead in my head/

People tell me their problems/
And ask me for advice/
They'll realize I also got problems/
"But you have the best life"/
I got voices in my head/
Actually getting me deeper on death/
Actually getting me dying or living once instead/
All my friends say/
They know me well/
But none of them/
Asks if I'm going well/
"Yes, I'm cool! I'm alright!"/
"Don't worry! That's just life!"/
I'm alone for eternal/
Please don't say "You, I purple"/
'Cause you'll make me hurted/
With your gentle talking/
With your handy walking/


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Hey, regiba! I think it would be best if you would give us some background about this song. Giving us lyrics alone is insufficient to make a proper critique. :D