CP523V | CLASS A OPTOCOMPRESSOR with Military Grade USA Made Valve

CP523V | CLASS A OPTOCOMPRESSOR with Military Grade USA Made Valve

  • Fully Featured Valve Opto-Compressor
  • Discrete Tube Class A Gain Stage
  • NOS GE Military Grade USA Made Tube
  • Microprocessor True Level Gain Reduction Meter
  • Side-Chain 160Hz HPF
  • Threshold from -30dB to +10dB
  • Ratio from 1:1 to Limiter
  • Slow / Fast Attack Switch
  • Recovery from 50mS to 2S
  • +20dB Gain Make-Up
  • Stereo Coupling Option
  • Output Coupled with Custom HRK Transformer
  • Black/Red Pearl High Gloss Finish
  • On-Board Voltage 500 Rack PSU Filters
  • Direct Sale – Save on Distributors Fee!

The CP523V is a Tube based fully featured optocompressor with a Class A gain make-up stage. The CP523V has separate controls for Threshold, compression Ratio, Recovery time and Output Gain.

The Attack time can be set with the switch to Fast or Slow. The Slow Attack is perfect for adding the edge to the drums or bass recording.

The Sidechain High Pass Filter removes the low-frequency content from the processing greatly enhancing the capabilities of the CP523V for tracking and mastering.

The CP523V is very musical and easy to use. It can process any music material, instruments, vocal or recordings, delivering amazing results. The Valve – Discrete Transistors Hybrid circuit is the result of a long development process. It produces rich Tube harmonics and tone while maintaining the noise on the extremely low level.

Microprocessor TLGR Meter

The CP523V is equipped with Microprocessor True Level Gain Reduction Meter.

This is a unique approach to provide the user with the ultra-accurate gain reduction reading. In most of the Compressors, the gain reduction is measured using the indirect method with additional LDR circuit or by measuring the Side-chain voltage.

The RVGR is based on a microcontroller which measures the actual level of the signal on the input of the CP523V and the signal level on the output of the compressor stage, in real-time.

Two signal values are compared and the value of the signal reduction is calculated over 400 times every second. The results are averaged and displayed using the Gain Reduction LED Meter.

The typical error of the meter is less than -0.5dB in -1dB to -8dB gain reduction range.

NOS Military Grade Tube

The CP523V Gain Makeup Stage is made with NOS USA Made Military Grade 6U8A tube, which delivers superb specification matching and much longer operating time compared to a standard nowadays made valves.

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