Coursera (Great Resource for education)

Coursera website offers courses from a wide range of different subjects. These are some links to courses that are being offered online right now that cover composition, synthesis and production of electronic music.

I have used this website to take courses in other academic subjects as well (calculus, astronomy,..). You won't receive any kind of credit or certification unless you pay for the course, but you can still have access to course content and receive a grade from the instructor for free (in most cases).


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Thanks for sharing those links that offered online courses. I am a college student and I am getting bored at home. Recently, I am looking for some online courses and gladly, I have found your post. I also found the site in which I have found top useful websites that can help me with studying. As a college student, these days is really hard for students like us because we can't meet friends and also can't study together like we used to and only online courses are helping us.
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