Convert audio to midi with Kodai


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Last spring during the quarantine, I was brainstorming with a friend about how to transform recordings into midi without having to type the notes in manually (without a midi controller), and with the velocity being recorded as well. Since we are both programmers, we gave it a try and we created our app called Kodai. We designed it primarily for piano, but more instruments are coming soon, with the next being the guitar. Try our app! I hope you’ll like it.

What does KODAI do?

  • Kodai converts your audio recordings to midi using AI (currently the piano is supported, but we are already working on the guitar too)
  • Recordings can be organized and shared easily
  • You can invite friends and even create a joint band (where songs are automatically updated)
  • Files can be downloaded from the website so you don’t need to worry about how to get a wav or midi to work with, from your phone