Considering buying an MPC1000 but need tips


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So I had a dabble with making music on my phone partly as an in joke with some friends and partly as a creative outlet and found that making music using samples etc is a process I really got into. A friend advised on the idea of looking into getting a sampler so after looking around and watching tutorial videos the akai MPC1000 looks like the one I want.

I've read elsewhere that older versions have dodgy pads however newer models have this issue solved, how can I tell if the version I'm looking at has the older style pads or newer ones?

Also apparently the default software is shitty but there's another version you can put on it, how do I go about doing that?



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Why not get a Maschine then? Same idea, but the default software is great and gives you everything you need.
Plus they're super common so you can grab the older and mikro models dirt cheap on ebay.