Connecting studio speakers to a laptop?


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I was wandering how I would go about doing this? Am i correct in thinking if i had studio speakers such as the KRK Rokit, I have to connect them to a Audio interface first such as the (m-audio fast track) and then into the laptop?

What would be the difference if i connected the KRK straight to the laptop through the headphone jack?


I haven't made music without an interface in a long time so not sure if this is still true, but usually the interface is needed to be able to process the audio information from the DAW. Computers usually don't have a complex enough sound card to process the audio from a DAW, but it's not impossible. They used to have something called ASIO4ALL, which basically allows you to use your computers sound card as an audio interface.

To your speaker question, yes you can plug in your KRKs to the headphone output because they are powered speakers. You will probably need a cable that converts whatever plug the KRK uses to 1/8 stereo. It's not the best practice because the impedance for a headphone jack is different than the impedance of real monitor output jacks, but it should still work. You may get some weird noise coming through the speakers though because headphone jacks are unbalanced outputs, but you'll just have to test it out.