Computer Music interviews IK about iRing and the benefits of gesture control


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Computer Music interviews IK about iRing and the benefits of gesture control
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Computer Music
and MusicRadar have been pondering at what the future holds for iMusicians and in this month's feature, they explore the possibilities gesture control can offer to anyone making music. Over the last few years, it has been very much the concept of touch - and, more specifically, multitouch - that has dominated the conversation but now another game changing method, gesture control, is grabbing serious attention. As a global leader in mobile music-creation apps and accessories for iOS and with iRing, an absolute pioneer in bringing gesture control to music making,

IK's opinions were particularly interesting to them.

Computer Music starts by asking us to explain how iRing works.

IK:"Put simply, iRing is the first motion controller for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch music apps. By wearing the supplied rings and moving them in front of the iOS device's camera, the user can control all kinds of performance aspects of their music, from triggering grooves to altering filter settings. The device's camera picks up the positioning of the ring patterns, and the apps convert that information into music commands, or MIDI information, which any compatible music app can read. A user can now operate up to six controllable music parameters in their preferred apps with one or two hand gestures."

CM: "This all sounds great in theory, but in practical terms, what does the iRing enable you to do that touch control doesn't?"
IK: "Everyone uses their hands as part of their interaction with other people, and gestural control can add an extra dimension to any music performance. For everyone - even those without any formal music training - this is a method of interacting with music apps in new and interesting ways."

CM: "Developing iRing wasn't without its challenges, however."
IK: "iRing works together with the iOS device's camera, and some external conditions - such as available lighting - could potentially affect the accuracy of the images needed for gestural control. Therefore, we have developed a highly optimised recognition algorithm which is built into our tailor-made iRing apps. A Software Development Kit will be made available to third-party developers shortly. Furthermore, we expect the quality of iOS devices' built-in cameras to get better and better with every new release, thus further enhancing capability and playability."

When asked about the future of gesture control, IK concludes:
"Other platforms will certainly follow in future. Gesture control is a powerful, complementary addition to the repertoire of any artist, and who knows where the technology will take us one day?"

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