Coming Back to Beatmaking from 10 years...What a change...

Big Size Dzo

New member
Whats Up Fam, I use to make beat from 2003 to 2013 when it wasn't a hype, no tutorials or anything so I had to learn it the Hard Way, anyway, life has put me appart from the music production for around 10 years but was always somwhere in my mind so here I am in 2023 with a new motivation and goal, I recently finished to work on a few beat and I think that it's time for me to show the world what my work is about but im kind of lost, everithing has changed and I dont know where to begin, so if you guys have some tips or else it would be a pleasure to know more about some subject like where to upload my beat, and things like that,
Thanks for reading and I hope to see some of you guys answer my questions...