Collaboration Opportunity: "5-song EP!"


Hello all,
I am a rap artist that is serious about his craft...I actually record daily.
I'm always willing to work alongside other individuals who are just as talented as myself.

The purpose of this post is to gain the contact of a skilled engineer.
I have a 5-song EP that I am looking to get both mixed/master asap.

My method of recording is simple: All songs are labeled accordingly so each part will fit as a puzzle for the engineer.
To the individual that maybe willing to mix/master this EP, I am willing to list you as a producer.

If you are interested in collaborating on this project, feel free to send me a pm or simply drop you email below.
Thanks in advance!


New member
aye im not the best but im good at guessing, take a look at my tracks and if you like how they sound we should work. instagram @kewoked