Collab (rapper looking for beatmaker with/or without hooks


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Hi ya'll,

I'm a young man who really takes this seriously. Music is not my wish but also my life and lifetime dream.

In short:

Enjoyed music, in church I only liked the music.
Later on i listened to heavy drum music
Then i started to listen to punk/rock/metal...
I got a time of techno/house/trance/goa
Then i started to write songs at age 15... (they where funny and vulgar)

I stopped cause shit went downworth's in my life.
Started to listen to hip-hop - almost flunked the lowest grade you can be in at middle school.
Had to go live alone at 18 years, tried to pick up tread again.

So i lived alone in a small chamber, smoked weed, addicted to liquer 'n shit. started to go to university. High leap there so i failed the first year.
So i had to go to work to pay bills. Had some hard jobs, cleaning horse stables, metal industry, cleaning dishes 'n shit.

Didn't work out so i started study's social work. Got really into it, started to get depressed of what i learned.
Learned about even more shit then i had going on in my life. Was very good in philosophies 'n psychology... almost cracked it ;-)
Anyway... stopped when i was going to go to year 3 of that study.

Picked up rhyming and writing, and beat making. Along with deeper studies philosophies, history, religion, science and all kinds of other stuff.

Anyway i write wondrous thanks to strong beliefs and hard work. I can make some beats, yet it isn't what it should be.
I have written about 500 - 700 numbers. The last one are the greater numbers.

Now I'm looking for someone with moving beats. To write 'n make new songs to.
We share the right if something comes out or we get signed. So I mean that I'm looking for someone to work permanently with.
Or we can just keep it at royalties for every track sold.

But that ain't happening yet. So first things first

1) Beats, send me some
2) I'll put the lyrics on 'em as a sample
3) I want feedback of you on the lyrics, i do the same for ya beats
4) We discuss were we are gonna put em fo promotion
5) If something good comes we'll always have good contact, i like honesty and good work with one another.
6) We do this on regular basis. Since ma goal is to make it happen (I'll work on it daily and I have no bands keeping me on the ground)

So let me know. You can contact me in this thread or in a private.


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Not yet...

I looking for tunes in agreement with the maker to make lyrics to. Then I'm capable to give a sample. Now I've got lyrics on already manifested artist beats like timbaland, eminem, dmx, nas, jay-z, and so on.

So i'm looking for something fresh to write on and to go further with. ;-) By the way i'm kinda going exclusive and i don't like to put them on line. I do like to give promotional records to producers/music-companies.
I'm serious about what i do, so i don't throw it in the ring as a hobby.


ps: i can turn in a freestyle

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How can i insert a track without uploading it to some major site?

I got a freestyle ready.
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I working with some guy right now...

So we can make something to promote with.
Here's the freestyle.. (i do 5 to 10 of these everyday)(i see this one as a less good one)

I wrote it down, without errors.

For the question on style i can do any style; vulgar, angry, disgusting, happy, very depressed, family like, tuffen-up styles.

I'm more at ease talking about nature, myth's, history, sciences, spirituality yet i can make a song materialistic, work for branches, ...

I did lots of homework on making my style count ;). My written songs can really blow things over sometimes. Freestyle ain't so great. I'm dutch that means i need to put more effort init.


I wasn't looking straight
i wasn't looking pleasent
but atleast i got rid
of the dirty peasent

yeah that's how it goes
yeah that's how he blows

And that's what you find
when you got killed by mankind
that's why civility gone blind
that's why i defined my own thing
that's why i crown myself king

i'm not an agent i'm not a story
i'm no mother****er
i was built and born on glory

Call me cory of slipknot
i'm a black shot
i put it on ya white dot
Grey can feel me rot
I bet to keep this lot
russian roulette is what i got

it's my life
it's my style
it's my laundry
i've been on tee
for a while

now i'm back
purple jack
as white fac
on ya black board

ya'll know about the south
now i leave them with an open mouth
i know all about
the rot inside your weeds sprout
but you don't know about
buddies better *****
i'm so pretty
bet you think it's kitch
This kid needs no stitch
he needs a sticky
For his style is wicked n tricky

Poisen mushroom
silly waiter
call me later
i'm dark vader's terminator
i'm his lost sun
pass me the tommy gun
my hoe's know where i begun
a nerd doesn't hurt none
did the long run
trade the wheels
for the west hun

guesse i'm back
with the zigidy zack
did the track
worked your back
messing with a fac
enslave uncle greg
i'm the backbone
of your ass
i got dirty class
a hallway pass
no hangover
life's about
winning and
i ain't over

it's my life
it's my style
it's my laundry
i've been on tee
for a while

now i'm back
purple jack
as white fac
on ya black board

yeah killing civilasations
building rotary stations
creating new vacations
explaining explanations
planetary collaborations

still a stunner with a cannonball
i see them all fall into the black night
sometimes white sometimes a purple knight
right get off the lawn out of my sight

get out of my display
it's a better day
without you anyway
i gone out to be
a better boufet
you can eat me
treat me
beat me
cheat me you lil shit
but i won't admit
i lost to a little kid
that's right little tit
i'm on the track to squize
put your chessboard on ma knees
then i sneeze every pawn away
my queen is here to stay
she wins any day
with a better pay
i'll be molding clay
atleast i can say
i love life
when it's all going
my way


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do u rap in dutch?

I can but then they'll sound weak. I trained in english rap. Yet i easily adjust to dutch. It'll just take some time to get use to it. But i have knowledge and structure i learned from the english version.

I once did a piece of rap with English, dutch and germen combined in a rapverse. :)

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Anyway didn't mention it befo. But your beats need flow. if i have no flow i can't rap on it. If it doesn't have the flow, the rap won't sound smooth either. Unless i Imagen a flow but that'll mean adjustment on the other side. =D


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Haha, like the sound bro, yet i don't think i can but my lyrics on it.

Thanks for the gesture dough ;)


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Check out

Dope beats. :)

Like the funk & de boom track so far. The other one's seem to be fine toooo. I'm not a kinda buying type. Since i try to make money out of the things i do instead of spending. Sometimes it comes together. But as long as i don't earn none, i can't spend none. I'm quit serious about it anyway. Besides writing and rapping, i also concentrate on acting, promotion, placement, style, and so on...

I'm reaching out my hand to the big game. So I'm looking for a crew to do a long run with.

I'm also looking for sponsors. Big companies, political interests that need to be juiced up, anything... I do them but professionally I'm not outspoken about my own views and stuff. :)