CNet: "iRing turns you into a gesture-control iPad DJ"


IK Multimedia
CNet: "iRing turns you into a gesture-control iPad DJ"
[h=4]Review of IK's new motion-control MIDI devices[/h]

Here are quotes from Amanda Kooser's review of IK Multimedia's iRings on CNet:
"Lay down some beats on your iOS device with iRing, finger accessories that let you manipulate music apps by waving your hands. I will even confess to boogieing at my desk as I manipulated the music, adding and removing loops with air-punches and hand waves."
“The iRing Music Maker app is good fun for beginners. You don't have to know anything about music to start making danceable tunes. I suspect the people who will get the most out of the iRing set-up will be folks who are into using it as a MIDI controller. These advanced users can download the free iRing FX/Controller, which acts as both an effects processor and a MIDI controller. This particular use of the iRing is out of my musical wheelhouse, but electronic musicians could end up finding it both entertaining and useful.”
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