Chris Webby - Bars on me - hindi sample ID?


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Can anyone ID this sample? It's driving me crazy. So far I've found its hindi and translates to something like cold water, Any help would be amazing. - Bars On Me -

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Guess no one knows this sample haha :/


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I can't post links yet, so I'll post the name of the video on youtube. Not sure if this is the sample, but the video shows the singer dipping her hand in water a few times. This chorus sounds fairly similar to the Bars On Me sample, so it definitely could be this song.

"Bavriya Kue Ka Thanda Pani Bhojpuri"

Hopefully that helps out a bit


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Found it!

Bump with the correct answer I had to figure out but couldn't find anywhere else lol.

Figured I'd enlighten people.

The full song can be found on the YouTube video titled "Kuroshitsuji OST 2 ~ 09. The right hand of God" -