Chopping Samples in Reason W/O recycle

3D Beats
This is a video showing how to chop up your samples up in reason without the need for recycle. Audio clips a bit.

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More videos at -
Yea... doing this is cool. I find it easier to do it like this for like voice phrases, and short samples like orchestral riffs and stuff. But I thought everyone knew that, I need to start asking questions and making youtube videos. Good Video Man
Yeah, that's where i find it to be useful. Vocals defineatly, or just when you have one peice where you don't want an endpoint because you have a chop that overlaps. I find recycle way easier in alot of respects though and i use it 99% of the time. But, so many people just don't realize it's possible to chop without recycle. If you come from a hardware background it makes perfect sence to me. However, it's not percise enough for me to use daily, unless it's an 8 bar loop, chopped into a loop.
everytime someone mentions sampling in Reason, everyone says "you need to get Recycle". you don't NEED to get Recycle, it helps in most cases, but it's not a nessecity. i'd suggest Recycle if you can get it, but you can chop just fine without it. the only thing i don't like bout choppin in the nnxt, is there is no waveform view, which i can live without, but not having the ability to adjust the knob increments make it a big of a pain when working with large audio files. the most you can do is hold select to move in frames, but that kinds sucks cause it's either too much or too little. not a prob for small phrases, just large chunks of audio. i remember having like 3 nnxt's for one sample, cause i didn't know how to load more then one at a time. so i loaded the sampe, truncated it, loaded another nnxt with the same sample, truncated that one, then another, man i'm glad i found out how to use the help menu.