Can someone help me find this record!

deejay cb

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I am not sure of the name but I belive its a Paul Van Dyk record. I am looking for the name of it. Paul Van Dyk spun it at Mayday 2000 and Paul Oakenfold also spins it on his transport album its song #9 on his album. If you could tell me the name i would REALLY appreciate it.

DJ Stu

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PvD single


The song you're looking for is called 'Words (For Love)', or at least that's the name of track 9 on the 'Transport' album. According to the HMV website, it's done 'featuring Paul van Dyk'.
I haven't heard it, but I love what Paul Oakenfold plays and what Paul van Dyk writes, so it sounds wicked. If it's a collaboration, then it must be amazing!

Hope this helps,