Can someone explain to me how music production works?


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From my understanding you pick an instrument from a daw record it on or from rather a keyboard than layer in everything. Is this basically how it is done? I see a lot of producers use a square machine with square buttons on it. What’s that? Thank you

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I'm interested too. :P This will be quite important information for me, because I want to develop my personal qualities and create music on a truly professional level. On the site I read several useful essays about personal qualities, about how to develop them and about the leadership qualities of some historical characters, my idols.
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Not to be funny homie, but u should try typing that same question in a google search engine or youtube. There's literally tons of info, videos, articles, websites etc that will give u what you're looking for, and for free.

It seems like u have a basic idea, but try doing a bit more research and take some notes. These internet and social media literally is a sea, even an ocean, of info.

The square machine u speak of is a drum machine. Some drum machines are standalone, and others are Midi based (meaning u have to plug it into a computer). Its all up to u. Good luck on your journey.


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Or, if you are watching a lot of old school rap production videos, it’s probably an Akai MPC.

Yes, J_Rfity7, your question was just a little vague and broad for a site dedicated to the very topic of music production. Imagine going to a site specializing in the subject of auto racing and mechanics: “So what’s the deal with racing? You drive around in circles, right?” I mean, technically correct, but there is obviously so much more that can’t be summed up in one or two sentences. So to be more helpful here, we need more specific questions. If you aren’t ready to ask those types of questions yet, I think $Beat by the Key$ suggestion is a good one— browse the hundreds (thousands?) of videos available here and on YT until you have a specific question we can sink our teeth into for you.



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Music production

A producer is a mentor that guides artists, bands, though the creation and post-production, known as mixing and mastering parts...
A producer is also a content creator.

I work with mixing/mastering, but if hired as producer I would prefer the 1st case because of my profile/style.
The 1st case also choses the engineers (mixing/mastering people) and not necessarily play instruments, but has to have a great ear about music.