Can I remove overcompression from stems?


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Dear Anyone.

I'll cheerfully admit to not being the world's greatest producer, just know the basics, trying to help a friend out. OK.

Guy's sent me the stems of his band's new tracks and vanished for awhile, he expects them mixed when he gets back. Fair enough. Except he's slapped an absolute blue whale of compression onto every stem!

Anyone know how I can take the compression OFF all the stems, return them to their pristine state so I can put the compression and stuff I want to on, not just have to work through his super-compression (it's a wannabe Death Metal band, needless to say!! Loud is good, louder is better, dynamic range is for mugs band. Beavis and Butthead would be their patron saints for life!)

If I can get the tracks UN compressed - I mean as in mix compression, not as in MP3 format - I can hopefully start again with them.

Yours hopefully



You need me to write him an email requesting new stems? lol It sounds like he tried to master the stems but didn't really know what he was doing.

The answer to your question though is - No.