Can anyone record a short vocal sentence for me? Will wire you 5$ if you want.


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If anyone could record themselves shouting "This is how we do!!" (in 6/8 time at 142 BPM) like at 2:19 like in Headhunterz - End of my Existence in a novel MC-Styled voice, it would rock.

Since I can't post links, search for "Headhunterz Vs. Abject - End Of My Existence" and go to 2:19 on Youtube

I'm Ekowraith and I'm fairly reputable. My music is released on the label YAWA Recordings in Germany, a label for hard dance music. If you record this, I can pay you 5 or so dollars if you want. I don't know if that's standard or not for a sentence!

Here's their site, and my discogs:

Oh. I can't post links. Search for Yawa Recordings or Ekowraith Discogs on google if you want.

My apologies if this is the wrong forum or if this is asking a bit much for my first post.

I hope someone can help!

Ekowraith/Porter R.

Hey Rayzer ;P
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