Best VST For Leads?



any synth will do BUT sylenth has baller presets that and rob pappens blue


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Massive because the varieties of sounds it can make plus the extensive modulation and controller options. It can even do feedback. It just sounds thick. Surge comes in second place.


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Sylenth1. Sounds great, very very easy to use.

Only go for SonikSynth/Sampletank if you don't want to make your own sounds, but use pre-recorded samples instead.
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No one mentioned Image Line's Harmless? I always loved the sound of minimoog leads. You have a few choices in emulation in vsti(Arturia Minimoog, Geforce Minimonsta, IK SampleMoog, and I think Image Line SAWER was supposed to be an attempt). Can't tell you which is best but heard good leads from all of them.
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I agree with Deranged here. I haven't heard of Harmless but Arturia and Geforce do an excellent emulation of the Minimoog. Obi's suggestion is free so try it (no brainer). Synth1 is decent if you know how to program synths but to have not have heard of Sylenth?? cmon son :D.