best sampler to start out with?



I'm a sort of a newbie at the whole "composing" music thing. My friend and I want to make an album using turntables and samples (ala Dj Shadow), but I don't know what is the best sampler at the best price for a beginner like me. Please get back to me if you have any suggestions, the feedback would be much supported.


the size of your wallet is gunna have an impact on an answer...and the type of music style goal you have.

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It's gonna depend on your money and the memory of your unit. DJ Shadow was using a MPC3000 with about 32 megs of memory and a 8-track digital 8 track. Nowadays, you can get samplers that hold way more than that, such as a SU700 that holds 68 megs(Guitar center said that'd run a little under $300) and with the sampler $700, you just saved yourself enough money for some vinyl or other gear. Try to avoid cheap samplers, because they just won't cut it (sp202, su200, su100, and I hate to say it, even the electribe-s). You need more power than that, and that costs you more, but it will get your music in the direction DJ Shadow could utilize. Good luck...


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My opinion about buying a sampler is that whatever happens, you'll keep it cuz it just does what it does, even after 10 years of (ab)use: playing samples... So with that in mind, i would go for a sampler that would suffice my needs for more than 5 years.

Now, different styles seem to have their own samplers... I know that the EMU line of samplers is very big in drum'n'bass, because of the built-in filters on it... Akai samplers are big in any type of music... The rackmount S series more in dance music and pop music, and the MPC series in hiphop music.

Personally, i have a Yamaha A5000. 126 voices, up to 128mb ram, scsi interface standard, bunch of filters, 6 internal fx chips fully routable with each 96 different effects... Works wonderful... :) With the sampler i got 8 cd's, and on you can find more samples...

Making an album while you're a newbie in composing music is a steep run... I'm trying to produce some tunes since last summer, and i hope and predict that i have stuff with my name on coming out in 5 years or so... It takes time to develop your skills and grow... And your studio will grow too :)