best places to get HARD drum samples!


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Hi dudes,

i have been collecting free HARD drum samples/kits and i have come to the conclusion that these 2 places are the best for HARD drum samples.

#1 RIP Speakers

#2 Dixon Beats

( Busy Works Beats has a sound 'booster pack' including 100+ random one shots. Save 50% with code: OWEN ROBERTSON . This is a affiliate link. )

Both of these places have free and paid packs, and are SOOOO good! Super high quality and royalty free. I use these samples to get placements etc.

- Owen tends to have some nice drum VST(i)'s, both analog software-generated and sampled.
You can freeze these to audio and trim them down to several "one-shots".

I find that this technique has some advantages over using so many different VST instruments (each has a learning curve to memorize).
And of course, if you want to live mainly in hardware, then there you go!

Also, Plugins4free (used to be VST4free) has a nice search feature and also can filter in|out specific Operating System(s).