Best MP3 - CD Program


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I have already read the tutorial on this site about taking MP3's and using WinAmp to convert them, and then using Nero to burn the Songs. Is this the best method that has little loss of sound quality? Right now I use Musicmatch Jukebox which I think is an excellent program. Does anyone else use something else to make Cd's with? Also does anyone know of a program that can be used to make CD covers that show the track listings? Let me know :)


ryan night

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hey yah I also use Music Match JukeBok which is a great program for converting, wouldnt ever use anything else. For CD labeling and jacket making I have only the one that came with my burner. But I know that there are alot out there for around 25 bucks. Good luck


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this is the method i use too... but i don't use the same application. I use Media Cleaner pro (also for the use of video compression)conversion wich is good but it's only for mac and could be expensive...

I think the converter application does a difference but not the burning app. (for quality i mean...)
If you don't like the quality of your converter app. maybe you could find some free at: