Best mixing plugins for producers/songwriters?

Hey everyone,
I'm looking at upgrading some of my mixing plugins soon... I've looked at the Fabfilter bundles and some SSL bundles but I feel like those are aimed more towards professional mixers whereas something like the SoundToys bundle seems like it would be more beneficial to someone trying to write/produce songs because of how creatively orientated those plugins are. Of course Fabfilter and SSL bundles are great and can be used by anyone as well!
Does anyone have any advice or am I over thinking this?



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I've been using a trial of the Fabfilter Limiter and it looks like I'm going to pay up. The big problem I'd been having is getting my mixes loud enough without overcooking it and the metering on the FF limiter and gain controls really made the difference. I'd also recommend Metric ADPTR AB for referencing and metering. ADPTR has a massive headline price but I grabbed it on the one of the periodic sales when it comes down to around USD50.
I also use the Fabfilter EQ. It's great, but it's the limiter that's made the difference for my production.
Using Cubase Pro 10.5


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Fabfilter plugins are incredible. The Pro Q EQ is honestly the most precise EQ I've ever used and I would most likely only purchase Pro Q and Saturn from Fabfilter.

I prefer to use a mix of brands when mixing & mastering such as:
waves - api compressors, ssl bus compressors, transient shaping, limiter
fabfilter - pro q 3, saturn
izotope - ozone, neutron
and stock plugins
I could help u grab some new plugs I have a connect on top grade stuff.... Like Ozone, Auto tunes, SoundToys, and more I just got my 2019 MacBook loaded hit me by text4107690248 or call Im Tim.


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I've just done a major studio upgrade and i've probably watched like 150 hour of youtube by all the best 'in the mix','jonas aden','Leslie Brawaithe - Masterclass and mixing sessions'... I've also done masterclasses from Deadmau5, Brooks, Garrix, Armin Van Burren... There's also some great tips from Avicii on youtube VIP from ', waited til' black friday, was totally worth it got like £6ks worth of plugins for £1k so i'm chuffed.

I use FL with all plugins and a lot of the stock ones are good enough but additional on top for your standards are;
I hit up waves and got
- DeEsser (essential for vocals)
- H Delay
- SSL E Channel
- Tune LT
- Tune Real-Time
- CLA 2A
- CLA 76
- CLA Vocals (most of these used by Leslie Brawaithe too btw)

Then i went to soundtoys and got
- Echoboy (Echoboy Jr too)
- Alterboy

I've also got Fabfilter bits like;
- Pro Q 3, although admittedly i still prefer the fruity panaramic 2 as i prefer to automate the eq through this or just record and drag points around to create effects
- Saturn 2

And of course
- Valhalla Room

That said, I still use Fruity Reverb, Pan-O-Ramic, Transient Processor & Fruity Delay 2 sometimes depending on the tone / effect. But obviously the third party plugins give the slight proffessional feel.

I use Serum / Nexus (gasp. It can be effective if you EQ / know how to use it right)... planning on getting spire potentially but also use splice for some samples... other samples I'd reccomend and have brought from are Vengence, Ghosthack, Cymatics... it's all widely used and available but i've spotted samples like the guitar from marshmello's 'Friends' coming from these sample packs as well as the chord progressions to the start of 'I fall apart' by post malone, so they ARE legit and if it's good enough for the pros it'll be good enough for you too, just be reallly REALLY creative with the samples.
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