Best least expensive turntable

Im looking for something to pair with my 2000 XL MPC. I need something that is quality but also doesn’t break the bank. Please help a felllow producer out. I’m assuming since I don’t want to use a audio interface that a preamp in it would be a must.


old school
You could probably find an older Gemini XL500 mkII and a mixer for dirt cheap on ebay. I ran a pair of XL500 mkII's for 12 years as my practice decks and made a number of mixtapes and CD's with them and used them for sampling. They're pretty solid decks. Get a cheap DJ mixer for a preamp and you're all set. If you have no indention of scratching on your turntable, then you could always drop down to a belt-drive turntable for cheap like an XL100/XL120 or something of the sort.

The sound quality will be in the cart, though so pick up something decent and you'll be alright.
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