Best Headphones for Mixing and Mastering?


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Hey all,

So due to my limitations on being able to acoustically treat my mixing area in my apartment i am going to invest in some open back headphones. I KNOW ITS NOT THE IDEAL WAY OF MIXING (I just want to emphasize that) however I would like some opinions on headphones that will translate well and are the best for mixing and mastering.essay writer

I’m looking to spend $400-$500.

Btw I’m make rap music and also practice on other genres of music when mixing.

Any advise right now would be appreciated!

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Independent of the headphones you have, it's always good monitors + headphones, more monitors than headphones and at great levels without being so loud. I mix everything by 68-73 dB maximum my results are good so?! Independent of the headphones you choose you'll have to know them like your monitors listening to consagrated songs enjoyed by the crowd ;] it's a good technique, but even using this technique, sometimes or a lot of them the references are not ideal, for this reason listen to at least 9 songs from different genres.