Best Hardware Set Up for live-streaming music performance ?

Andy Snadden

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Hi guys, I hope you are all doing well !

Im interested in building a hardware set up for high end live music performance over the internet. Im an acoustic singer song writer with a home recorded album out and I want to reach more people using live streaming technology.

At the moment Im using an Audio Technica 3035 microphone to capture both the vocal and the acoustic guitar, and running through an entry level Steinberg audio interface. The sound was pretty appalling and Im not totally sure why. I know both the mic and interface are low level. I also have a feeling the mic was not designed to take two live sources and perhaps the guitar was simply too far away from the mic. Here is a link to the livestream I did. You can hear that the guitar is phasing horribly. This is my first post and I just realized I cant post a link. If you just search Andy Snadden on Youtube and look for my livestream ( there is only one ) and please ignore the embarrassing English teaching videos they are not supposed to be on my channel.

Im wondering what you guys recommend as a hardware set up for me to achieve a top of the line, fully professional live streaming sound ?

Im willing to buy two new mics, one for vocal and one for guitar. Id like them to be the last mics I buy ( well my wife hopes they are the last, lol ) and Id like them to be excellent for both home recording as well as performance. And Im willing to spend some money. For the vocal I quite like the idea of a tube/valve mic with a sexy classic hardware pre-amp. But Im open to all ideas and suggestions.

Post mic Id like to be able to add compression and reverb to the vocal and compression and eq and reverb to the guitar. Do I need a mixer before the audio interface ? Id like the signal to go through some sexy hardware, maybe with compression, to smooth out the whole signal.

Finally, how important is the interface? Im aware that the Steinberg is entry level and Im willing to get a better interface if that is also having a significant effect on the sound.

I realize this post is long and Im asking some serious questions. I thankyou sincerely in advance for your time.

Thank you I will try that. A lot of people you external firewire drive enclosures but I don't know which one works with Os9.
Any recommendations?