Best hardware for sampling ?

Tom Owen

New member
What's the best pad/midi for sampling under $150??

I'm not worried about the software/bundles as i just wanna flip samples using serato sampler & i have lots of plugins & bundles already.

I just want the best bit of hardware for a hands on approach for sampling?

I use FL Studio btw.



Hi, The best samplers you can buy right now
  • 1010music Blackbox.
  • Akai MPC X.
  • Pioneer DJ DJS-1000.
  • Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP16.
  • Korg Electribe Sampler.
  • Korg Volca Sample.
  • Roland SPD-SX. A sample source for drummers and producers alike.
  • Teenage Engineering PO-33 K.O! A truly portable sampler with a lo-fi vibe.
OP said for under $150