Beginner Hip Hop (Feedback for Feedback)


Black America x Japan
Just started getting into beat making, so I would say I'm pretty amateurish would like some opinions/suggestions on these two tracks. Thanks in advance.

Funky Afternoon



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Funky Afternoon:
- i like the main melody/sample -- it provides a great vibe
- The "Get down" sample is nice
- The drums need alot of work -- why is the kick panned all the way to the right? Usually kicks are in the middle
- I like the snare sound -- maybe up the volume on it to make it louder

- i like the feel/vibe of the beat
- great sample
- i like the snare -- i would add some reverb to it maybe and layer it wiht another snare to make it fatter
- The kick is cool i would choose a different kikc -- this kick feels too hollow and doesnt knock enough

Please return the favour:



the first beat is cool maybe a bit too muddy though.. likeing the james brown sample along with the others.. i prefer the 2nd one though as the drums seem to stand out more and the beat just sounds a little less cliche.. the james brown stuff has been done alot, maybe turn up the snare a bit for that extra raw crack.. good though.. peace