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Here's a beat i made from scratch ( no samples but the hitler's speech and german talkin ) its not really hip-hop. I got the mastered version edited which is better on my computer but anyway lemme know what u think bout this one... Oh and i made this with no midi keyboard using my PC keyboard with emulation software and reason 4.0 lol like all my beats i made before

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1st it is pretty nasty to use a hitler speach in your beatz
2nd You also put greek in there
3rd the beat is ok nothing great !
hehe people easily get upset...first of all i dont like hitler and i jus thought ''hum this maybe kool in a song'' and the song is sad which is the way i feel about all the shyt he did...2nd i did this like 2 weeks after i got if you think its a very amateur beat well it is. I was starting samplin and i jus got this greek speech from a greek donald duck episode i forgot it was greek but i named my sample greekcartoon... 3rd if you are offended by a beat using hitler well you should be more offended by the hip-hop playin on tv alot of pop-hop-hip-fake-gangster...cmon this is ridiculous...they are in the game for the money and they will never give something good to hip-hop and i hate that. I know its nasty to use hitler but it adds intensity to the beat and i wanted a speach as intro. Sorry if i looked like a Hitler fan, i jus think its a sad page of history and i would do some lyrics to talk about how sad and cruel Hitler history is.
you need to just bring the bass up on this beat so you can get the feel of that cause they bass will carry the track. But as you already see that hilter is not going to help the track, but i saw what you said and i understand, but you have to think about the age we are in now people are going to tune out the beat once they hear that so just keep that in mind. Cause you dont need that for a sad song. I think if that was out the beat then people would hear it and feel it more even tho it is basic.
Thx for the comment Cuzsin i'll keep that in mind. And i also understand people will try to tune it and gimme cue but i jus didnt like the fact bout the Hitler thing...
Where the hell is the video,
what a faker
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HE ISN'T GERMAN!!!! he just told you he's german, because of hitler and the nazi-cliché. pretty whack! and btw: hitler is from austria not germany,...

whack idea, whack beat, whack thread.
Ok can we stop talkin about Hitler i dont care about him and hes dead. I jus wish he wasnt in my beat at all now... Oh and ScratchRookie what are you talkin about? Who said he was german? Who said i was german? You're pretty confused....
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