Beat Battle FAQ and Offical Rules

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How do i enter the beat battles?

Sign up on the thread when its posted.

Can I change my beats after the tournement has started?

No doing so will result in your disqualification.

Where can i read the Beat Battle Rules?

Please see Chameleon's post below

When's the next battle?

Depends.. If there's a battle currantly running it will be a while after it ends. If there's no battle then it will start when I reach 32 entries. The battles usually take about 2 - 3 hours to post so I will only start them on a weekend.

If you have any other questions please ask them here.


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Beat Battle: Offical Rules

1. Tracks must be longer than one minute long, but no longer than six minutes long. All tracks are to be lyric free. Vocal samples and hooks do not count as lyrics.

2. Tracks are to be placed into a thread created by the moderator of the forum(infradead, j-traxx, or Chameleon)

3. When PMing me your tracks be sure to specify exactly what the title of the beat is on your website. In other words, make it perfectly clear which track you are battling with in order to avoid confusion.

4. If you bite tracks you lose, if it is agreed to be copying.

5. One you enter a track you cannot change it until the tournement is over for you, changing your track during the battle will result in your being disqualified.

6. You must use the same beat throughout the contest, if you change tracks you forfit.

7. If you vote, make a post saying who you voted for and why or you vote won't count.

8. In the case of a tie the deciding vote will be cast by a member of the Futureproducer staff
(Mods and Admin)

9. Please sign up for battles so that we can keep it orderly and neat in here.

10. All moderator discissions are final. If you do not agree with something you will talk to me via PM.

11. No voting in battles that you're entered in.

Everyone will use the same track throughout the tourney,
put your best against other peoples and see who's judged the

Please Remember votes that do not give some criteria for
why they voted the way they did will not count. In other words
if its X vs. Y and you say "X wins" your vote won't count.
Please take the extra couple of seconds to type a little.
You did take the time to listen to the track after all.
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